29 CFR 1910.147: this program is used to control all machinery energy hazards in your facility. It describes how each piece of powered equipment is shut down to prevent accident or injury to both authorized and affected employees. It also covers outside contractors who may come into your workplace.

Investment is $95.00 per student. Quantity discounts are available. Go to Quotes for your cost.

Customized, site-specific Lockout Programs are available to fit your unique needs.

One-Time Setup Fee is $600.00.

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"Workplace-safety experts from both industry and labor said they were caught by surprise by the new mandate, the Wall Street Journal reported, which they say will likely increase maximum fines for the most severe citations to $125,000 from $70,000 and for other serious violations to $12,500 from $7,000. The maximum allowable fines may also end up being lower than that following a rule-making process."
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